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Midway's 'Hour of Victory' soon upon us


Sci-fi alien shooter? Check! Cliché World War II epic? You bet...

Midway has chosen to follow the call of duty, enlisting nFusion to develop a World War II franchise dubbed with symbolic urgency. Enter: Hour of Victory. To distinguish itself from the MoHs and CoDs, HoV relies on role-swapping, as players switch between assault, stealth, and sniper characters to accomplish missions. Optional vehicle usage will also provide a selling point, as any and all vehicles "on the battlefield" will supposedly be operable by the player.

GameSpy adds: "We honestly can't tell if the low-level production values and seemingly cliché storyline, as told in the [live-action] cinematics, are supposed to be an ironic joke, but we'll know at some point this summer when the final product comes out."

Hour of Victory is currently an Xbox 360 exclusive built using Unreal Engine 3.0. HoV is tentatively scheduled for release this summer and will include Xbox Live multiplayer modes.

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