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Peter Moore pours gasoline on the blazing flame war

Nick Doerr

There's probably one thing more offensive than verbally slapping someone in the face and that's verbally slapping someone in the face while telling the person next to him/her that they have a cute shirt on. That's more or less what Peter Moore, VP of most things XBox, did in an interview with IGN. Instead of going over all the comments he made about Microsoft's strategy for the coming year (interesting in its own right, but not relevant here), we'll use the quote that will undoubtedly give Sony a real shiner.

Moore is asked about what he thinks of the other systems and if there's anything he wishes the 360 could share with them. He responds: "The innovation that the Wii is, I'm certainly a big fan of. It ties in exactly with what Nintendo needs to do. And it ties directly into their strong intellectual property that is more youth oriented and more family oriented. The PS3, I really don't know what I would look at there that we're really missing. I look at the games and I feel really good at where we stand from a portfolio point of view. The online service, [Sony's] still trying to get it up to speed and there's nothing really there that I can really point to that I wish we had. You know, certainly the price point of the PS3 isn't something that I want to emulate. It's very difficult for me to point to anything there that I think we're missing right now." Hmm, well, I know that I certainly can't see myself to style my hair in front of the 360. Where's your mirror-ability, Microsoft? Yeah... yeah, take that.

To be honest, Moore is right, but he spins it like the PS3 has been out for a year. We're still building the PS-Store... so of course it's not XBL -- that's had quite a few years, backed by the knowledge of a gigantic company based in making internet-ready operating systems. We don't have a lot of games yet, but we've got plenty of titles coming by the end of March to get excited about -- coinciding with the European launch window. As for the price, we could argue that to death, but it's been done many times before, so we'll just shrug and say: "you give the options of adding stuff on, we give you everything in one package." Calm down, Peter Moore.

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