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The Joystiq Weekend: January 29, 2007

Ross Miller

The above picture came from a Worth 1000 Photoshop contest, although we can't find the entry on the site nor the original author. Still, it's worth a chuckle; thank Mobat for tipping us off to the image and check out the highlights for this weekend:

Joystiq hands-on: Crysis (PC)
Today's hottest game video: Diddy Kong Racing
Today's hottest game video: Wii modchip
Today's hottest game video: Tea-light Tetris
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: tardy edition

Wiis at Wal-Mart tomorrow
Utah game bill halted for now
Ohh Canada, fork over another $50 for PS3
PAX '07 set for Aug. 24-26 in Seattle
Capcom snubbed by AIAS awards
Tyra Banks downs level 60 baby neglecter
Scarface bound for Wii
Unearthed: Neversoft's lost Ghost Rider game
Indie Darling "N" bound for Xbox Live Arcade
XNA opens up NES emulation on Xbox 360
Mario Kart 64 and Contra III join tardy Genesis games on VC Monday
Slamdance left "half empty" over Super Columbine controversy
New games this week
Final Fantasy XIII release date confusion (remains confusing)
BlackSite: Midway investigates Area 51 again
Japan invited to Halo 3 Beta, will anyone RSVP?
NES collection fetching thousands on eBay
Quake Wars by March 2008, as early as April '07
Midway's 'Hour of Victory' soon upon us
Homestar Runner games make Wii's HEAD A SPLODE
IGN developing content for Sega? 1UP contributing too?
NYC: Wanna play BioShock and get paid for it?
Buy Halo 3 now, get 1600 MS points for $5
God of War II nears completion
Epic aims for Unreal Tournament user mods on PS3, 360
Police investigate EB Games slaying
Rumors & Speculation
Analyst predicts Euro PS3 price cut within the year
Rumor: New Wii colors coming this year
Bloomberg: Sony profit may drop 50% on poor PS3 sales
Guitar Hero Tourney at Gamestop this weekend. Maybe.

Where are the Wii-chargeable battery packs?
The story behind the Madden '07 tournament street poster
X-Play: The Musical ... yeah, you read that right
Mega Man meets Pedobear in an ASCII duel to the death
Run WoW, Steam games on Linux
NES collection fetching thousands on eBay
Mario wall art invades UNCC campus

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