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Vista on the Mac

Wired Magazine's blog has a post about why Mac users may want to run Vista. Mac machines, it says, are great for running Vista, particularly with its demanding specifications. The author is a bit Wincentric, so take that into account while reading about how Vista makes OS X look "dated".

But think about it. We have Boot Camp and we have Parallels, so why put off upgrading to Vista? Being Mac users, it's far less of a risk because we can always retreat back to OS X to get the real work done if the new OS has problems. Virtual machines make it simple to try out different configurations and compartmentalize your work life--as if you owned many different computers at once. Sure, Apple's commercials may visualize "PC" as going to the hospital for major surgery to get his Vista upgrade, but for Mac users, it's as simple as adding a new virtual machine in Parallels.

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