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Warriors QQ, devs say "wait till 70 kthx"

Eliah Hecht

It's been hard to miss the epic levels of complaint going on in the Warrior community right now. My own Warrior (pictued) is Fury-ously clawing his way up the 20s, so I have no firsthand opinion on whether Warriors are, in fact, in need of fixing, but most Warriors seem to think they are. Thus, it gets on my nerves when I see things like this, posted by Crezax in the Eu forums:

  • The devs would agree that the Warrior has some performance issues in PvP. They are keeping this in mind for future adjustments. However, they also want to see more of the warrior population level and gear up to hit end-game, where various weapons and items are going to change the average performance of warriors.

    Things like having the PvP trinkets on a 2 minute cooldown rather than previously as a 5 minute cooldown is something they'd like to see more players get their hands on. While a lot of warriors are concerned with early/mid-game leveling and see imbalances there, the warrior's gear dependancy factors into this a fair amount.

As far as I can tell, this can be paraphrased as "Warriors are not balanced for pre-end-game, and we don't care. Level up to 70, get some epic loot, and then we'll talk." First of all, Blizz have said before that the end-game is not all there is, and that leveling is important to them as well as end-game. So why refuse to balance around it, at least a bit? Furthermore, even once folks have got to 70, not everyone is going to want to raid or PvP grind for epics. I understand that Warriors are quite gear-dependent by design, but perhaps that should be toned back a bit?

Anyway, like I said above, my Warrior experience is limited. What do you Warriors think of this statement from the blues? Am I misreading or over-reacting? I suspect this is going to be a hot issue, so please try to keep it civil in the comments.

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