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British cops caught playing PSP on duty

Kyle Orland

First a Lancanshire bus driver is fired for playing a PSP while driving, now this. England's Sun newspaper is reporting on a pair of East London police officers caught playing a PSP while they were supposed to be guarding a wall in danger of collapsing. The cops were so engrossed in the game that they didn't even notice a passerby snapping a camera phone picture of their loafing (above).

The Sun reports that the cops were playing a "footie" game (soccer to us normal people), which is a little disappointing to us. If they were playing Grand Theft Auto or something, at least they could argue they were researching the motivations behind the criminal element or something. Heck, even Lumines would have been beneficial for cops' spatial and quick thinking skills. If these cops want to play soccer, they should join a league.

[Via Columbus Dispatch]

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