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Epic to churn out Gears of War until the Sun explodes

Jared Rea

Unreal Tournament 3 producer Jeff Morris joked about the fate of his colleagues at Epic in an interview, saying that "the shoe has turned" when it comes to their current development cycle. The house that Unreal built has been hammering away at their foundation, cranking out Unreal titles since the series' conception in 1998, up until the release of Gears of War this past year. Could Marcus and company squeeze blood from stone the same way Mega Man has all these years?

"It's funny because I think Gears started after a lot of people were a little fatigued working on UT, and now they're all probably making Gears for the rest of their lives," said Morris, reflecting on the massive success of Gears.

He goes on to state that once again, no sequel has officially been announced, though we'd bet our precious thumbs that we'll be hearing of one down the road. We'll also be sure to put our acting chops to the test and look surprised when Gears turns into a trilogy.

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