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Fifty ways to leave a guild


Well, quite a few more than fifty. This Guild Relations forum thread of /gquit excuses has been going on for several months, listing the worst excuses for people quitting guilds from all over Azeroth. Among my favorites are:

  • "The "Your Mom Is An Epic Mount" vent phonetic offended me."
  • Someone /gquitting, leaving the raid and hearthing out ... at 30 percent on the guild's first ever Nef kill.
  • "My grandmother is going to die soon, and I want to see the endgame before she does."
  • A somewhat brutal gquit in the middle of Naxx.
  • More of a /gsuicide: "If you knew what Middle Eastern country I was from, you wouldn't talk to me this way."

I've seen someone leave a guild because the guild wouldn't pay for their mount, and I've gquit myself once in the middle of the night because the guild leader terrified me (my one and only gquit), but I don't have any really cool /gquit tales. What about you? Is there a right way to leave a guild, or do you only know of hilariously wrong ways?

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