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GameTap forgets half its name, adds music content

Zack Stern

GameTap has added music content to its diverging focus from being a videogame download service. While game-related video shows -- and some that aren't expressly about games -- were already a part of GameTap, the music areas and new "Artist of the Month" selection confuse the message.

GameTap has recently been earning gamer credibility by publishing new titles like Sam & Max episodes and the upcoming Myst Online: Uru Live, but the new music content seems like an idea from out-of-touch marketers to appeal to a younger audience. Even the first two featured bands seem like a scattered approach. Fall Out Boy strikes us as My First Emo, appealing to the Music Television kids with their Total Request Lives. (At least Kyle's cousin likes it.) And The Hold Steady is nearly the opposite, a great rock outfit that sounds like the smokey halls it plays.

But, come on, GameTap. If we wanted to listen to The Hold Steady, we'd play it on our stereo. (And if we wanted to listen to Fall Out Boy, we'd turn on an MTV awards show.) We hope that GameTap can turn a profit and please papa Turner without pandering to a music audience.

GameTap, it's too early for you to jump the shark; keep the focus on games.

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