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MyDo Bururu glasses vibrate your dome to prevent sleep

Darren Murph

While there's no shortage of devices that force your eyelids to crack open in the morning, things can get a bit hairy for those late-night cram sessions when you must stay vigilant. As glasses become more like theaters, it's not entirely surprising to see Japan's Vision Optic Company adding superfluous functionality to your everyday spectacles. The vibrating eyewear, dubbed MyDo Bururu, automatically senses when the wearer's head tilts down to a certain angle, and depending on the level of sensitivity you have it set on, will begin to shake, rattle, and roll right up side your noggin until your face returns to an upright position (or you hurl the glasses across the room). Of course, there's no real substitute for a great night's rest, but sometimes duty calls at all times of the day (or night), so if you're a professional student who crams for exams entirely too much, you can hit a pair of these up for around ¥45,000 ($371) -- if you can stay awake long enough to order 'em, that is.

[Via PlasticBamboo]

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