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New Adobe CS3 Icon Contest

Mat Lu

After the Photoshop CS3 beta was released, we noted the new series of icons that Adobe is apparently planning to roll out all across their product line. Based on a kind of combination color-wheel and periodic table the icons have met with with a mixed response. Personally, I don't really like the minimalist design, so I'm pleased to see that Quark VS InDesign is sponsoring a contest for users to design a new set of CS3 icons. They claim that "First, second, and third place winners will divide a more than 50-item prize chest valued at more than US$7,000" and all entries will be placed on the site for free download. The contest ends on April 23, with the winner to be announced a week later.

Now's the time for all those great Mac icon designers to get to work on saving us from Adobe, and maybe pick up some loot as well.

[Via MacMerc]

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