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Splitfish announces SensorFX force-feedback system for PS3


Not content with simply bringing some motion-sensing action to the PS2 controller, Canadian peripheral-maker Splitfish now looks set to try to make up for one of the PlayStation 3's more noticeable shortcomings, promising a force-feedback add-on for the PS3's decidedly rumble-less SIXAXIS controller. The device, dubbed the SensorFX, simply plugs into the USB port on the SIXAXIS controller, providing "meaningful sensory feedback" while supposedly not interfering with the controller's motion-sensing mojo. That's apparently accomplished by not using any moving parts in the device, although exactly what Splitfish is using to give the SensorFX the shakes seems to to be a closely held secret for the time being, with the company only saying that it's a "low power" device. In addition to the add-on, Splitfish says the SensorFX technology could eventually be directly incorporated into a controller, adding that it's hoping to work with video game publishers and hardware manufacturers to establish standards for force feedback technology. That would seem to still be a little ways off, however, as there's still no word yet on how much the add-on itself will cost or when it'll actually be available.

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