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The Departed Blu-ray disc to feature uncompressed 5.1 audio track

Darren Murph

While the mild background screams concerning HD DVD discs getting Dolby TrueHD audio while Blu-ray owners got stuck with a completely uninspiring "standard Dolby Digital" track haven't yet amounted to much, apparently Warner Home Video wants to set the record straight with The Departed. While we knew the film was slated to hit both HD DVD and Blu-ray back at CES, Warner has just now fessed up to the uncompressed audio we can expect to hear from the BD rendition. The HD DVD version will feature the expected TrueHD track, but the Blu-ray flavor will sport a delightfully lossless PCM 5.1 track that should measure up close enough to satisfy all but the most discerning audiophiles. So if you've been enjoying that dual-format BH100, and were leaning HD DVD's way on this one simply due to audio, now you've got one more quandary to solve in the next fortnight.

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