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Breakfast Topic: See you when you're 70?


Not too long ago, it seemed like it would take me forever to get to 70. There were so many new zones, so many quests -- how could I blow through that so quickly? Now, as I approach the end of level 66, it's beginning to look like time to make plans for 70.

Like nearly everyone, the first thing I'm going to do is head over to Shadowmoon Valley and buy my flying mount. I don't have enough money for my epic immediately. In fact, the only epic mount I've seen so far belongs to a hunter in my guild who bought it immediately upon turning 70. We all assumed he had sold little Draenei children into slavery or something to pay for it. After that, I have a couple of goals for life after 70:

  • Do all the quests I didn't get done while leveling, for money, rep, and having fun.
  • Along those lines, do all the PVP quests that I skipped.
  • Get revered with all the factions I can get revered with, so I can get more alchemy recipes.
  • Get fishing and cooking to 375.
  • Run heroic mode instances to get some decent gear so I can respec to daggers, and also to get attuned to Mount Hyjal.

I'm not in too big of a hurry to get back to the raiding grind. What are your goals for level 70, and what will you do to reach them?

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