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Dazed ***** and con******fused in Outland

Mike Schramm

Have you noticed how sticky the mobs are in Outland? Just traveling from place to place is like running a gauntlet, even on the roads. And don't even bother leaving the roads unless you're ready for a fight-- right below Hellfire Citadel, those Orcs swarm like bees. Get hit once, get dazed, and before you know it, you'll have attracted three or four of them on you. Likewise, in Zangarmarsh, the problem is even worse-- pull a Sentry, and he'll pull a Naga, who'll pull a slave, so on and so forth. Just last night, I fought off eight mobs in a row, just because they kept pulling and pulling each other.

Andrael on Shadowsong has noticed, too, that there's a whole lot of dazin' goin' on in Outland, but Drysc says everything is working as intended (and even throws in an "l2p, noob" tone for good measure). It's not necessarily a bad problem-- I play the game to fight stuff, and the more XP, the merrier. But it's not even a problem of levels, as Drysc suggests-- at 62, I was constantly pulling aggro from two or three 60-61s at a time. Nothing I couldn't handle, it's just ***** annoy****ing *****.

And if Blizzard's idea of making mobs harder is to add to the chances of getting Dazed by every one (usually, you get dazed only when getting hit from behind, but when mobs aggro like they do in Outland, it happens a lot), they need to come up with something new, because all the stars floating around my head are getting a little old. There's no strategy in being slowed down when you get jumped, it's just something you have to deal with. But then again, there's one surefire way around it: as a couple players in the thread note, you can't get Dazed on a flying mount.

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