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LG readying 60-inch wood-framed plasma display

Darren Murph

If the glossy black, matte silver, or brushed aluminum looks are simply too played out for your next HDTV, LG is hoping to spruce up your options by offering up yet another forest-inspired offering. Details are admittedly scant on the forthcoming 60-inch 60PT1, but we do know that this beast of a PDP will rock a dark wooden frame that could hang in perfect harmony in your kid's pimped out treehouse. Additionally, it seems that LG will only be loosing 1,000 of these limited edition units worldwide, and that folks in Korea (well, not North Korea) will get first dibs when they finally appear. Of course, meticulously crafting such a beauty apparently takes time, as you won't be finding one of these for sale until "March at the earliest," but that should give you enough time to sell off a car or two in order to finance this presumably pricey luxury.

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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