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My Mac needs a Tardis


The boys at BoingBoing stumble across so many wonderful things--and today they've topped themselves again. A Tardis-shaped USB hub. I want one. No, I need one.

Not just for me, but for my Mac. Because I'm unselfish like that. Call me a geek, call me a nerd, whatever. The Tardis-hub has 4 ports and it goes vwooorp-vwooorp when you plug in a device. Can technology get any better than that? I think not. It's theoretically for sale over at Firebox, but the page says it's currently unavailable. Nothing, of course, that a little space-time manipulation can't solve. If US purchasers don't mind ordering overseas, it's available at Amazon UK (for £14.99), Forbidden Planet,, and so forth.

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