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NFL2K rises from the ashes


If you're someone who absolutely despises EA, chances are it has something to do with NFL2K. Just over two years ago, Electronic Arts bought exclusive rights to the NFL license, effectively killing it's only competition, NFL2K. The fact that NFL2K was consistently rated as high (or higher) than EA's Madden may have had something to do with that, not to mention SEGA's ballsy move of lowering NFL2K5's price to $20, which led to it outselling Madden for the first time. EA wouldn't have any of that, so they did what they do best and bought out the competition.

Now, 2 years later, NFL2K is coming back, though not in the way many would have hoped. 2K Sports has announced that NFL2K is returning as All-Pro Football 2K8. Gamespot has posted a lengthy interview with 2K Sports' Greg Thomas, though he doesn't give away many details. No gameplay details have been announced, except that 2K Sports is out to make the best football game it can. Without the NFL license, many are suggesting that the game will feature old football legends, but 2K Sports isn't talking. At any rate, NFL2K is coming back, and that is bound to make plenty of sports fans happy. The game is expected to hit this summer.

[Via Joystiq]

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