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Sea Launch Explosion may delay DirecTV's 100 HD channels

Ben Drawbaugh

DirecTV has promised 100 new HD channels in 2007 and in order for them to make that happen they have to launch a few new MPEG4 capable satellites this year; DirecTV10 and DirecTV11. While D10 is supposed to go up via a ground launch D11 is scheduled to be launched by Sea Launch. Sea Launch suffered a set back yesterday that may or may not impact the launch of D11. Of course D10 has alot of HD capacity, they need both for the future of DirecTV. Yesterday during a launch of another satellite (not DirecTV's) the rocked exploded on the launch pad. No one was hurt because no one was on the pad at the time, but we will all have to wait to see if this impacts all that HD goodness we are waiting for.


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