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AT&T rolls out pay-per-use PTT

Chris Ziegler

At $10 / month for unlimited use of AT&T's Push To Talk service, we can buy into the value proposition; we really can. The real-time status indicators for your contacts, that Nextel-esque cool of talking at your phone rather than into it -- it's all good. So yeah, AT&T is now throwing down a new pay-per-use option that'd see a charge of $0.15 / minute for PTT use grace your bill. It comes as no surprise whatsoever that it'll be rounding those precious minutes up to the next nearest one, so -- please correct us if we're reading this incorrectly -- every press of that button is going to cost you a bare minimum of 15 cents. Basically, you start to lose out after the 66th minute (if our trusty calculator is in good working order), burying this option well into the "emergency use only" category for most folks. Like text messages, or even plain ol' voice minutes for that matter, an itchy PTT button finger could get ya in trouble mighty quick here.

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