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Blast Factor multiplayer, Jet Moto (PS1) added to PS3 Store


Sony got around to releasing that Blast Factor multiplayer pack ($2.99) for PlayStation 3 today. The update adds support for 4 players (co-op and 'grudge' modes) and an option to increase the game's speed by 50%.

Jet Moto ($5.99) joins the Blast Factor add-on in PlayStation Store as a lonely lowly PS1-to-PSP offering. The PS3-required PSP service has sure gotten off to a slow start; and Jet Moto (pictured) is hardly reason to believe that release pace and quality will improve. Having watched hacker efforts surge ahead of Sony (a month ago!), using Sony's own emulation technology -- releasing Eboots of most pertinent PS1 games, while offering tools for PSP owners to create their own -- one has to wonder, really wonder, what is Sony's strategy? Jet Moto?

[Via Press Release]

Press Release:

Sony Computer Entertainment America will update the PLAYSTATION ®Store on Thursday with new gaming and entertainment content, including a new multiplayer pack for Blast Factor ™, the popular physics-based action game running in full 1080p [Full HD 1080p requires an HDMI cable and a 1080p native display with an HDMI input supporting HDCP].

Below are the details on the new offerings from the PLAYSTATION Store:

  • Fans of Blast Factor will be able to take on their friends via a new multiplayer pack ($2.99). Choose from a variety of 1-4 player cooperative and grudge match multiplayer modes. Test your skills and play the game with up to a 150 percent speed increase.
  • Check out all-terrain racing on the PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) system with Jet Moto®, an emulated PlayStation title ($5.99).

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