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JGUI crafts Vista skin, looks better than Crossbow

Chris Ziegler

iPhone skins are pretty much a dime a dozen at this point -- Pocket PC included, much to Apple's horror -- so why not switch it up with something a little more... shall we say, in the "in the family?" Polish firm JGUI has thrown together a skin for Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs that mimics Vista (which we hear ain't bad looking) with a Sidebar clone complete with gadgets, Aero-esque taskbar, and a totally retooled UI for all of the phone's major functions. The screen shots look fabulous (with the possible exception of our mohawk-sporting contact here) and, from what we've seen, put Crossbow to shame in the eye candy department. Note to Microsoft: "Get your ideas for Photon here." The Today screen is freeware and the entire package is available for under $25 -- not bad compared to, say, Vista Ultimate.

[Via jkOnTheRun]

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