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Look out, Nintendo -- the N-Gage is coming (again)


Since failing in a spectacular fashion is so much fun that they wanted to do it again, Nokia is gunning hard for their second generation N-Gage, according to UK site Pocket Gamer. If you haven't been following the story, this time Nokia's not attempting to make a dedicated handheld-phone hybrid, but rather a platform for gaming that can be used with their N-series smart phones. Is that a better recipe for success? It will depend on the execution, of course, but apparently Nokia's been meeting with some big developers lately and they have plans to reveal the platform at next month's Game Developers Conference.

They are, obviously, fixing some of last round's mistakes; if there's no dedicated handheld and the service is supported by downloadable games, then gamers will have no reason to complain about having to completely dismantle the device just to change games. On the other hand, we figure it's probably safe to assume that most gamers with smart phones already have a handheld they love and cherish, so at best this may free up a pocket. What do you think, DS gamers? While a download service would certainly be a nice thing to have on our handheld (we're looking at you, Virtual Console), is the new N-Gage platform a threat to our dual-screened beauty?

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