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LTB Audio's Q-bean wireless everything fob


If you can't quite decide whether to snap up a wireless media remote, spring for some wireless headphones, or purchase a VoIP headset, why not get all three? That's the dubious premise behind LTB Audio's ARIO Q-bean, which consists of a small fob-like wireless doohicky that includes a microphone, headphone port and media controls. The Q-bean communicates with your computer via an included USB dongle, which purports to ship CD-quality sound to the Q-bean at up to 100 feet. Pairing the devices is similar to Bluetooth, but LTB Audio insists their proprietary wireless tech is more robust and smart enough not to get swallowed up in 2.4GHz interference. LTB is also planning a dongle for music players such as the iPod and Zune to work with the Q-bean, and will start selling the series this winter for an as yet undisclosed price.

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