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Neonode still at it, announcing device at 3GSM

Chris Ziegler

Remember the Neonode N1 (and its modestly improved sibling, the N1m)? We had to wrack our brains for a second, but then we were all like, "Oh, Neonode! That sweet looking CE-based smartphone that just barely materialized in a couple European countries years after it was announced!" So apparently these guys are still in business (who knew?) and have some big, hot 'n heavy product announcement scheduled for 3GSM on February 12. Could this be the dual-mode device that Neonode hinted at nearly two years ago? We admit we're curious, despite the company delaying the N1 into oblivion and cursing it with a dual-band radio useless in the States. Don't let us down this time, guys and gals.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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