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PhotoInfoEditor: Geocode Your Photos

Mat Lu

It's becoming increasingly common for people to want to include meta-data with their photos about where they were taken. Geocoding is the process of adding location information to the meta-data of digital photos, similar to the Exif meta-data that nearly all digital cameras add with date, time, exposure settings, etc. There are even few digital cameras out there with built-in GPS to facilitate this. PhotoInfoEditor is a nice little utility that allows you to geocode your existing photos, either by just typing in the latitude and longitude, or even better, by marking the location on the built-in Google Map. As you can see from the screen capture above, you select the photo you want to geocode and then simply zoom into the location on the Google Map to mark it. Very slick.

PhotoInfoEditor is still a little touchy (sometimes the Google Maps don't draw correctly), but it's a nice idea, and best of all it's free (donations requested). Obviously, you have to have an active internet connection for this to work, but you can mark locations anywhere in the world.

[Via FreeMacWare]

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