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Reader UI of the Week: January 23 - 30

Paul Sherrard

The response to last week's Reader UI column was fantastic, and we're glad you enjoy seeing and learning more about your fellow gamers' UIs and the mods that make them tick!

Let's dive on in to this week's UI then!

Character's Name: Aburr (Guild: Dragonstar; Server: Whisperwind)

Screen Size: 19" Samsung SyncMaster 930B running 1280x1024, 72 Hz

General Theme: Information Junkie - I spend all day at work absorbing information, and I can't shake that tendency once I'm logged in. The more information I have access to in a relatively clean, customizable, uncluttered interface, the better.

TitanBar (including DamageMeters, Crit, and Roll) - basic info
MonkeyQuest - gives the ability to monitor all the quests in your log at once
Deadly Boss Mods - raid and battleground timers/warnings
CT_mod and CT_raidassist - functionality that is so parsimonious, Blizz should just buy a license
EquipCompare - compare loot with what is currently equipped; saves time in a roll
!OmniCC - big, viewable numeric cooldowns on each button as necessary
Atlas and AtlasQuest - adds information and functionality to standard world map
EZDismount - dismounts you upon attempting a spellcast or talking to a flight master
vBagnon - (open in screenshot) consolidates your inventory into one window, on-demand highlighting of various item types, remote viewing of bank inventory
TipBuddy - attaches tooltips to your cursor, reformats tooltips with more information
JIM Abacus - evenly distributes mini-map buttons, hides unused buttons
Auctioneer - useful for EnhTooltip, which adds pricing, selling, and disenchanting information to the tooltip
ErrorBlock - takes the big red pop-up errors and moves them to your chat window
EnhancedFlightMap - adds flight paths and flight masters to your world map
x-perl - allows for total control of player, party, raid, target, and focus frames
Improved Camera - allows your camera to zoom out farther than normal
Scrolling Combat Text - gives more information and is more customizable than that offered in the standard UI
Bongos - customizable action bars

General Blurb: With the number of addons I have, patch days (particularly to 2.0) can be dreadful. Despite this, I persist using so many addons because each one provides a useful functionality that is not available or underpowered in the standard interface. I feel like this UI is pretty clean for how powerful it is. It also allows me to be flexible; some nights I get too tired to remember my keybindings and I have to rely on button clicking, so having everything available to a mouseclick is convenient. While the standard UI is nice and uncomplicated, having this much functionality at my fingertips has really helped my playing.

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