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Windows Mobile 6 going official by Valentine's Day?

Darren Murph

Although we got a small glimpse of Windows Mobile 6 during yesterday's HTC Vox preview, and we've known this thing was coming for a good while, it looks like some textual slippage has revealed that "Crossbow" just might coincide quite nicely with Cupid's weaponry. In a long list of MSDN Events and Webcasts, it looks looked like we'd be hearing all about WinMo 6 from none other than Jim Wilson on February 14th. Of course, the link has now been updated to hopefully cover up the leak, but thanks to Google's caching abilities and a sweet screencap, we've got the proof in front of us, friends. Unless something goes terribly awry, Microsoft will be making this OS official within a matter of weeks, and you can probably still look forward to hearing Mr. Wilson cover the system during his MSDN geekSpeak on Valentine's Day.

[Via Modaco]

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