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AddOn Spotlight: RatingBuster

Eliah Hecht

This one is nice and simple. You know those combat ratings that Blizz introduced in 2.0.1? Crit rating, hit rating, etc.? What RatingBuster does is translate those into percentages. This is harder than you may think, because the relationship between rating and percentage varies according to your level as well as the type of rating. RatingBuster does the math for you and makes your tooltips look like what you see in the screenshot. Specifically, it inserts the little percentages in parentheses by the spellcrit and spellhit ratings.

This is pretty helpful, especially when combined with TheoryCraft, one of my all-time favorite AddOns, which can tell you how much damage/healing your next 1% of crit or hit will add to your various abilities. (Theorycraft is not currently combat rating-aware on its own.) One more feature of RatingBuster is its ability to show item levels and item IDs in tooltips. Item levels are conceivably useful for calculating the relative quality of items, I suppose. I'm not sure what item IDs are used for -- modding maybe? Somebody fill me in on that one.

Download RatingBuster at Curse

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