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Is Karazhan worth it?


Reviews are beginning to filter in for Karazhan, the first ten-man raid dungeon in the Burning Crusade, and many raiders seem to be underwhelmed. Complaints include:

  • The trash is harder than some of the bosses and respawns very quickly.
  • The bosses are really tough on melee classes. Rogue and hunters may have a hard time contributing well to groups, and the amount of undead makes a priest nearly a necessity (and druids superfluous.)
  • Nightbane has a pretty strong fear, potentially giving Horde guilds a tougher time (no fear ward.)
  • Most of all, the itemization is lacking, particularly on the first few bosses. Endure of Greymane notes that an epic paladin chestpiece is about equal to a blue one from Shadow Labyrinth, while Tiare of Frostwolf compares Karazhan druid shoulders to a better piece from the Botanica. Oh, and then there's these two, which aren't Karazhan related but are definitely the worst itemization mistake I've ever seen.

Personally, I'm definitely going to do Karazhan just because it seems so dang cool (and I desperately want this dagger), but if it ends up being high difficulty/low reward, it might be better to farm the heroic instances or level 70 5-mans instead to prepare for raids. Or it may end up being like AQ40, where the last two bosses drop great things but you have to clear through a bunch of sidegrades to get it.

Have you done Karazhan? If so, how would you rate it?

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