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PanGo unveils WiFi-based active RFID tag

Darren Murph

Although PanGo isn't the first firm on the block to kick out WiFi-enabled RFID tags, that didn't stop the outfit from introducing its latest active unit and aiming it squarely at you (and your officemates). Sure enough, this third-generation "asset tracking tag" touts a smaller form factor, "enhanced functionality," and extended battery life compared to ones past, but still looks to ride along with you while on employer grounds or while in the company car. The device will reportedly last "over five years" on the built-in battery, and boasts about being the "world's first" to be compatible with the Cisco Certified Extensions (CCX) tag protocol -- which is a "WiFi communication mode that enables a higher level of location accuracy for Cisco 2700 Series Location Appliance customers and the ability for the tag to provide enhanced telemetry reporting." Most frightening, however, is how close these voyeuristic liaisons are to shipping, and since your boss can place a batch order by the end of the month, you should probably keep a close on anyone trying to slip you something in your coat pocket while 'round the water cooler.

[Via DailyWireless]

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