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Rogers pumps out its own Blackberry Pearl -- in white

Brian White

Just like T-Mobile USA here in the states, Canada's Rogers Wireless is set to release a white version of the RIM Blackberry Pearl sometime on February 1st (like yesterday). We've loved how the "Pearl" sports its name due to the pearl-like navigation...thingy, but now Rogers can join T-Mobile with a more apt-pearl moniker of being offered in white this time through. It'll set you back $250 in royal-mounted Canadian greenbacks with a 3 year commitment -- to a voice and data plan. Is it really just GPRS as spec'd on Roger's website page? Man, we hope not, for the speed sanity of all those who'll be forking over decent pocket change for this unit. Perhaps Rogers just forgot that "E" in front of the "GPRS," eh? We like to at least live on the EDGE.

[Thanks, Ashleigh]

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