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WipEout sequels on PS3, PSP inspiring PlayStation Network growth


Speaking with SCE Liverpool, Develop magazine has seemingly uncovered news of a pair of WipEout installments bound for PlayStation 3 and PSP. The unsurprising revelation has been tied to Sony's downloadable content strategy. Liverpool's WipEout Pure showed promise, registering more than 800,000 downloads of add-on content, but subsequent Sony efforts have failed to follow suit.

Liverpool plans to pick up the slack with upcoming versions of WipEout. "Downloadable content helped keep [WipEout Pure] on the shelf and encouraged people to not trade the game in," explained development director Clemens Wangerin, adding, "Being able to cater to a much finer resolution of gamers' tastes and maybe create more byte-sized or customizable gaming is a massive advantage." Sounds like Sony's starting to understand the importance of PlayStation Network.

[Via CVG]

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