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Zox announces skinnable DVD player


While there's no shortage of custom skins for game consoles and other front-and-center gadgets, skins for the humble DVD player are still a relatively rare breed (DIY efforts notwithstanding), which makes Zox Japan's latest compact DVD player here slightly more notable than it would have been otherwise. In addition to spinning DVDs and CDs (DVD-R and CD-R/RW included), it'll let you slide in one of three different snazzy looking covers to add a splash color to your home entertainment setup (such as it is). If that's not enough, you'll also apparently be able to download additional skins from the company's website in PDF form or, of course, whip up your own custom job pretty easily. Look for this one to be available in Japan later this month for 7,000 Yen (about $58). [Warning: PDF link]

[Via Far East Gizmos]

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