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Burton's Sleeper Hoodie: for the dozing boarder

Darren Murph

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If you're the type who feels that sleeping is just another way to waste precious seconds of life, the MyDo Bururu glasses can help extend your waking hours and keep you argus-eyed, but if you've been looking for an easy, comfortable way to find sleep while flying around or cramped up in the back seat of a car, Burton feels your pain. Even if you've already dropped entirely too much loot on a plethora of other Burton gear this winter, the company's Sleeper Hoodie could easily extract a few more bills for all its niceties. Aside from sporting a soft, outer layer to keep your toasty, this special hoodie features a built-in iPod / ticket / passport pocket, complimentary earplug compartment, arm pit zips to air yourself out, cuff thumb holes, a pull down "light shield" to block out the rays, and to top it all off, a built-in neck pillow to keep comfy while dreaming away. So if you've nothing better to do on those hour-long ski lift rides to the tip top of the mountain, you might as well cash in on this and snooze a bit (or tune into your iPod) to pass the time.

[Via JoshSpear]

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