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FunkeeStory: Treo SMS History on Your Mac

Mat Lu

One of the Treo's best features is its threaded SMS application that makes your SMS messages appear like a chat session. In fact, the iPhone appears to take up and improve this SMS functionality by presenting text messages in an iChat like interface. Well, until that happens, those of us using a Treo may find FunkeeStory to be useful. It syncs your Palm Treo's SMS history to your Mac through a conduit compatible with Palm Desktop or Missing Sync. So when you sync your Treo 650/680/700p to your Mac, your texting history will show up on in FunkeeStory, to be saved, sorted, and searched.

Overall, this seems like a nice idea, since if you're a heavy SMS user you'll probably find that your text messages are a kind of personal history, and the Treo will only hold so many messages before it starts overwriting the earlier ones. Unfortunately, FunkeeStory is a bit pricey at $19.95, but a 10 sync demo is available

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