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Gamespy says good things about Crackdown

Dustin Burg

Crackdown seems to be the game everyone wants to figure out, leaving us to ask ourselves a bunch of questions. Can the game hold its own? Is the Halo 3 beta attached to it solely because it sucks so bad? Why is there no crack in Crackdown? We all got our hands on the demo and the truth is, we're thinking this game could be worth the $60 by itself. Now more good news comes from the Gamespy camp where they got to play a preview build of the game and it looks like they enjoy it. Gamespy says that the game isn't reinventing the wheel when it comes to sandbox games, but does things well enough to keep the experience fun, fresh and unique. Maybe it's leveling up of one's super powers or maybe it's just because we aren't forced to be thugs in the game. Whatever it may be, Gamespy goes out and says "this title is shaping up to be a solid purchase, Halo 3 beta invite or not" ... we really hope so. Read Gamespy's full preview after the jump.

[Thanks, Jonah]

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