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Korea Times blue over Brain Age recognition issue


Korea, which Nintendo just recently began marketing in, is learning the joys of Brain Age recognition frustration. As sister site DS Fanboy reports, it looks like the Koreans are having problems with the software recognizing certain numbers. The Korea Times reporter says, "The game is supposed to recognize spoken words in some of exercises, but some words rarely register correctly. Also, when you write your answers on the touch screen, the machine sometimes confuses similar Korean words and numbers such as 9 and 0, 7 and 9, and 6 and 0."

She dismisses these as simple "mistakes [that] don't make or break the game." Korea's got it easy on the number recognition issue. As many English speaking owners of Brain Age will discuss the absurdity of screaming at their DS during the color training exercise, "Blue. Blue. Blue? BLUE?! BLUE! THE COLOR IS BLUE!"

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