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Tiny LCD built into a 360 ... why?

Dustin Burg

Ever wanted your Xbox 360 to be a portable gaming system? We hope you said no otherwise you'll actually think about purchasing one of those 360s showcased in the video above. We present to you a Xbox 360 with one tiny LCD built into the side. Think PSP without the ability to hold it in your hands ... yup, just like that. It may be be cool in theory, but we aren't finding any practical reasons for this mod. Unless you're in a pinch for a display and need a quick gaming fix to feed your addiction. And excuse the lovely Metallica music in the video, though they may have chose it because this mod may be sad but true. Okay seriously, what's your opinion? Would you pay extra for this LCD option on the side of your gaming console and why?

[Thanks, Machiavelli 420]

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