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Windows XP games: We're not dead yet


That thud you heard last week was the sound of Windows Vista hitting the market. We know the Games for Windows crew weren't impressed and we're still a little confused about buying Vista before having it naturally part of a new PC. Despite the confusion, Voodoo Extreme, looking to toss a $20 on the counter and kick Windows XP out, declares their Top 20 PC games for the "last generation."

The list is all good and fine with Rise of Nations, Rome: Total War, Half-Life 2, WoW and other PC-centric masterpieces. We've just never thought of PC games as being "next-gen," "last-gen," or any other type of buzzword. PC games don't have that fanboy console mentality attached to them. In the average consumer's mind, PC games evolve in a completely different manner than by console generation. Windows Vista, in time, is what a majority of consumers will use for PC, an eventual unavoidable upgrade as Microsoft intended. The idea that consumers are rushing out, upgrading to Vista and Windows XP games are soooooo passé is a little silly.

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