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GoPets: Konami does DS virtual pets ... on an island!


Arrr, says the pirate cat stranded on Konami's Vacation Island. Squeezing in somewhere between Nintendogs and Animal Crossing, GoPets is Konami's attempt to capture some of the virtual pet niche's market share on DS. Players will be tasked with nurturing the growth of either a virtual cat or dog, and then presumably must send their pets off to an anthropomorphized island community where minigames are the way of life.

While derivative, GoPets will support the underused Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, allowing pet groomers to share their experiences through a text-based chat system, complete with universal icons for cross-language communication -- it's unclear if friend codes must first be exchanged in order to chat (a requirement that has limited Animal Crossing's online mode). Apparently, the handheld version will also share some level of compatibility with a planned PC iteration of the GoPets franchise.

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