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HMV bundles PSP with PS3 pre-orders

Kyle Orland
Save is reporting consumers who want to pre-order a PS3 from British retailer HMV Online will have to buy a £250 PSP bundle at the same time. The offer, e-mailed to registered HMV customers, is open to the first 5,000 customers willing to pay £675 (a whopping $1328) for the bundle, which also includes two PSP games and a 4GB memory stick.

Forced bundles for new systems are of course nothing new, but this is the first one we've seen that forces you to pick up a whole 'nother system just to get the latest hardware. The bundle won't actually save you any money over buying all the parts separately, but it does ensure that HMV will "ship your PlayStation 3 to you from our warehouse as soon as we receive consoles from Sony."

But what about potential PS3 buyers who already have a PSP? As a Sony spokesman told, "consumers are free to shop around to find a package that best suits their own needs, and offers the greatest value for money." That'll teach you to be an early adopter!

[Via PS3Fanboy]

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