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iLuv i182 facilitates live video recording to your iPod / flash card

Darren Murph

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While we've seen quite a snazzy docking unit that could output video from your iPod to your HDTV, iLuv's taking things in the opposite direction with its forthcoming i182. This particular docking station ups the ante from the old i180 model, and facilitates live video recording from any composite / S-Video source directly onto your iPod or your choice of flash card, giving owners of flash-based PMPs / PVPs a chance to get in on the fun as well. Purportedly, the device brings in whatever video you feed it, and allows users to establish a pre-set recording length while offering up 640 x 480 (2.5Mbps) / 720 x 480 (5Mbps) encoding options. As you can probably tell, iLuv makes things easiest for iPod video owners, but for those looking to record the vids onto a MS, MSDuo, MMC, or SD card, a separate adapter plugs into the docking unit to get things done on the flash storage end. Additionally, a USB 2.0 connector is included for computer syncing / transferring, and while we don't have any confirmations, we're hearing to expect iLuv's latest around the March timeframe for a cool $229.99.

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