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Blizzard just says no to consoles (or do they?)


Our friends at Joystiq have pointed out an interview with Blizzard's VP of business development, Itzik Ben Bassat, at In it, he again confirms yearly expansions -- though he didn't let slip any details on what we might see in the next one. However, he has some interesting things to say about gaming consoles, summed up in this quote:

Consoles are becoming sophisticated PCs which sit in the living room... We'll have to see how all this develops. Maybe in five years you won't need a console because you'll have one PC which delivers content all over your house.

No plans to bring World of Warcraft to the console market, then? Bassat says there are no plans to bring the game to consoles, though Blizzard is keeping a close eye on the next gen machines, especially their online services. And he has nothing but good to say about Xbox Live Arcade:

I'm very impressed, I'm impressed by the people who do it, and the service is very easy, very intuitive. I love it.

Is anyone else getting mixed signals here?

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