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Blue Dragon paraphernalia arrives in Japan

Jonti Davies

After its relative success in Japan, Mistwalker is hoping to expand Blue Dragon's potential in any/every direction possible while it moves forward with work on Blue Dragon 2. The smokers in the audience will be especially pleased to find a Blue Dragon Zippo lighter on sale via Bandai's LaLaBit Market net store during February and March, with the items scheduled for delivery in April. The lighters cost ¥10,500 (US$87) each -- a bit pricey, but then, they are going to become rare Zippos.

And there's other Mistwalker swag soon to go on sale at LaLaBit, as well, including snazzy Blue Dragon t-shirts and mugs. What we'd really like, though, is a genuine Blue Dragon flamethrower. (For toasting marshmallows.) That would be cool.

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