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Casual games consuming 'me time'


According to a survey commissioned by MSN Games, Americans are stressed out and starved for their 'me time,' with more than half of the adult population squeezing in less than an hour of daily downtime. Microsoft, with a thumbs-up from Stress Institute founder Dr. Kathleen Hall, is encouraging the over-worked to join millions of others who spend their fleeting moments of free time playing casual games. "Taking a break to solve a brain-teasing puzzle or take on a fun vocabulary challenge on MSN Games is a perfect way to clear your mind of the clutter and stress that can pile up during the day," diagnosed Dr. Hall.

But does playing a game actually "clear" your mind, or just distract it? Even worse, what happens when you can't solve the brain-teaser -- does the stress continue to accumulate? Perhaps if you've got only 20 minutes a day to yourself, you should spend less time playing, and more time examining your lifestyle. Take a walk. Decide if a life devoid of 'me time' is actually making you happy. See that guy in the picture? He's just about to take back his 'me time' ... wait for it ... wait for it...

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