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Ikonoskop readies new Super 8 "movie camera"

Darren Murph

Hot on the heels of Hasselblad's latest 31-megapixel monster, rumors of Canon introducing a 1DS Mark III, and the RED camcorder getting more real everyday comes news that Ikonoskop is looking to bust out the "first new Super 8 movie camera design in over 20 years." The Swedish firm is hoping to offer up a Double Super 8 version of its "compact and affordable A-Cam SP-16 Super 16-millimeter model," and will feature a good bit of similar attire such as the same interchangeable C-Mount lenses, parallel viewfinder, 100-foot film capacity, and "microprocessor-synchronized frame rates between 6- and 37.5-frames per second." The device would utilize a "hybrid" design to use "16-millimeter wide film to capture Super 8 sized frames," and although the company boasts about its numerous advantages, the "main downside is that relatively few film stocks are available in the format." Still, things aren't off and running just yet, as Leif Bystrom has announced that the outfit needs 25 eager customers to lay down a €1,000 ($1,301) deposit ensuring that at least that many will be sold for the €5,200 ($6,764) retail price. So if you need no more introduction to convince yourself that this bad boy is worth your while (and coin), send your down payment on in so we can see this thing materialize.

[Via CNET]

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