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Samsung's latest "Bordeaux" LCD HDTVs boast a 10000:1 contrast ratio

Darren Murph

Samsung's no stranger to pumping out displays with a very respectable 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and the firm is kicking out two more with its latest Bordeaux duo. While the company has already bumped the PVA LCD lineup to 32- and 40-inches before, now it's taking things a bit further by adding a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and a trio of HDMI ports, with one being of the front-accessible variety and the others flanking the rear. Additionally, the overall design scheme received a subtle, but much appreciated facelift, as the screens now offer up a shinier coat, rounder edges, and a pair of lovely demonstrators adorning each side. Unfortunately, the nitty gritty on this one is sparse, but as soon as Samsung divulges anything else substantial about these admittedly glitzy sets, we'll be on it.

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