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Sony to market PS3 at English National Opera

Kyle Orland

When it comes to video games, marketers tend to focus their in-person efforts on youth oriented events like sports, concert tours, and extreme sports-infused concert tours. Sony is taking a bit of a different tact, marketing the PS3 to the audience at the English National Opera (ENO).

As the London Times reported last week, Sony will be placing a PS3 kiosk in the foyer on the London Coliseum, the ENO's home stage. The kiosk will accompany a Sony-sponsored version of Puccini's La Boheme and an initiative aimed at convincing British schoolteachers that the PSP is useful as a learning tool. Personally, we've learned a lot about taking out cops from our PSPs.

The Times piece goes on to draw a link between controversial games like Grand Theft Auto and controversial operas like Strauss' Elektra or Berg's Wozzeck. Where are the Jack Thompson wannabes crying about the deleterious effects of opera on our troubled youth? Oh, that's right ... our troubled youth doesn't care about opera. We forgot.

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