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T-Press automatically irons your trousers

Darren Murph

There's a plethora of washing machines out there to take care of the average cotton tee and junker jeans, but when dressing to impress, you need something a notch above dry and wrinkled. Enter the T-Press, an automated robot that desires nothing more than to press your trousers to perfection, and can flatten even the most minuscule, unwanted creases right out of your designer pants. Churning up 1,600 watts, this brushed aluminum machine perfects your pants by using a movable press and offers varying temperature settings to boot, and unlike a typical bout with the steam iron, this process takes just 2.5 minutes to complete and isn't likely to torch your hand in the process. Still, there's no information whatsoever regarding price or future availability, nor any indication of an emergency stop button being included for when it inevitably decides to eat your Van Heusen's for lunch, but feel free to click on over to see the live action mockups if nothing else.

[Via SciFiTech]

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